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Improve Website Traffic With Organic Search Engine Optimization

Posted by bestseoservices on May 4, 2016 in Best SEO services, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media |

Organic Search Engine OptimizationHave you had a website that went “live” but did not receive a single visitor except for yourself and wondered why?

You spend months thinking how you can bring your goods or services to the consumer via your website. You spend lots of time designing it and finally, perk up the courage to visit or hire a website designer or if you are brave enough to learn new tricks, you might even design it yourself. A month or so down the line the website is ready, hosted and launched. You wait for the avalanche of customers or visitors with bated breath. A day passes then two, a week passes by and not a single visitor arrives at your website. You start to think.

You inform your friends about your new website. Sure enough you get a bunch of visitors and then again silence. You realise the visitors were your friends but the general public who you had hoped would visit in droves where a no-show. You post about your new website on Facebook and Tweet about it too. A handful more visitors arrive and then the silence returns. Now you really start to think. What went wrong you wonder? What have you forgotten you?

You open Google or Yahoo or Bing and search for your product or service using a generic search string and are horrified to see that your website name does not figure anywhere; certainly not on the first page and in fact, it does not seem to figure anywhere. You begin to wonder – shouldn’t your website name have been part of the results? Why does it not show up?

Okay, there some things that are DIY and there are some things best left to experts because there’s more to it than meets the eye. Just like a car, designing a website is not just about how it looks it’s also about how it is put together and the stuff under the hood.

When it comes to the search engine, the stuff under the hood of your website counts for everything. For example, if your website was selling say automotive spares the search engine would visit your website and try and figure out what you are dealing in. If it finds hundreds of words like “automotive”, “automobile”, “spares”, “spare”, “part number”, “Mercedes”, “S class” and so forth, it will automatically deduce your site has something to do with auto spares and then depending on how many spares and types you are selling, will assign a weightage value to your website which will then decide its position in the search engine results when someone searches for say “Mercedes S series auto spares”.

Of course, this is a simplistic way of putting it. The search engines send what is technically called a “bot” to your website. This “bot” attempts to go through each and every page, each and every image trying to make sense of it all. How much sense it makes depends on how the website was put together and the one group of people who really know how to put it together so it makes perfect sense to the bot, are the Affordable Link Building Service – experts like

So if you want to setup a website – one that is required to deliver results, approach the experts. They will not only deliver a beautiful product but will also ensure your website can be easily found via the search engines.

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