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Running a Successful Marketing Campaign

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Running a Successful Marketing CampaignEvery good product, service and business has returning customers. Returning customers spell business success and are vital to the continued good health of the company. Every business needs to develop matrices to calculate the number of returning customers v/s first-time customers.

Why are returning customers so vital and what do they have to do with marketing campaigns?

If the number of returning customers is miniscule (under 15%), it means that the marketing campaign is successful but the product or service does not meet quality expectations. This results in more and more funds being diverted to marketing campaigns. Stop the marketing campaign and business will have to fold up. Obviously this is not a healthy situation.

You might have noticed that there are a number of businesses that are doing very well despite spending insignificant amounts on marketing. A good example is BOSH from Germany. When was the last time you saw a BOSH advertisement? And yet, their products are used in most automobiles around the World.

Assuming your product or service is excellent and you have a significant number of returning customers, you probably (unlike BOSH), will still have to spend some money on marketing campaigns. But these marketing campaigns would have to be split into two types – a marketing campaign for the new customer and a marketing campaign for the returning customers.

Yup! From time to time returning customers need to be rewarded for buying your product or service. Technically, this is called inbound marketing.

Running a successful inbound Marketing Campaign – Create attractive, meaningful content

Remember an inbound customer already has significant knowledge of your product or service. He or she does not need sales pitch. What they need is a reward pitch, a kind of “thank you for continuing to shop with us, here’s your reward” kind of marketing campaign.

Maximize use of the social networks to percolate the message. Nothing catches on like a discount or some form of discount e.g. “Buy 1 and get 1 FREE”.

Create landing pages that specifically cater to the content in your Marketing campaign.

If your advertisement claims to offer a “Buy 1 get 1Free” make sure the link from the advertisement takes the customer to the specific page that provides details to that offer. The other day I happened to click on a link that claimed to offer Nike sneakers at under $35 a pair and landed up on a page that was offering Nike sneakers starting at $250. I gave the site 10 seconds worth of my time by scrolling down to see if there were any $35 sneakers and found none. Close site, back to Facebook! Meanwhile the advertiser would have had to pay for the click that brought me to his site but generated no revenue.

Make good use of Facebook leads

Facebook displays adverts primarily based on user comments and messages. Facebook continuously searches for keywords specified in all live advertisements. So if the keyword is shoes or sneakers and a user is discussing or mentions shoes or sneakers, the user will be shown any active advert for shoes or sneakers for the user’s age, gender and demographic group. Facebook’s inbuilt system of identifying qualified leads is quite effective – make good use of it.

Use several formats

In advertising, there is no guaranteed success. Keep several advertisements ready. If you find that one does not work, you will merely have to switch to another without having to waste time developing a new one.

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Section 508 Compliance Testing Tools

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Section 508 ComplianceArea 508 is an imperative revision to The Rehabilitation Act that ensures the privilege of individuals with handicaps to have access to electronic and information technology.

Segment 508 sets standards for accessibility that must be trailed by each national government division and in addition, each association that gets elected contracts or financing, and instructive organizations that get elected subsidizing by means of the Assistive Technology Act.

The criteria cover a considerable measure of innovative ground: PC equipment, programming, systems, working frameworks, sight and sound, sites, printers and downloadable applications.

On the off chance that you neglect to evacuate hindrances in any of these zones, not exclusively are you infringing upon a government law, you’re additionally limiting open doors for potential clients with inabilities to get to and make the most of your administrations.

There’s just a single beyond any doubt approach to knowing whether your site, electronic records, and applications meet the principles of this segment of the Rehab Act. You should do Section 508 compliance testing to identify any infringement.

Segment 508 Compliance Testing Checklist

What characteristics or capacities would it be advisable for you to check for when you’re trying a site for Section 508 compliance, and how do these have any kind of effect to individuals with handicaps? The following is a concise 508 compliance testing agenda, alongside clarifications concerning why these traits matter.

1. There are content counterparts for each photograph, picture, logo or other non-content components. This is essential since individuals who have vision disabilities and can’t see the pictures legitimately will realize what’s contained in them. They may, for instance, be utilizing a screen-peruser like JAWS to peruse all the content on the page.

2. Pages don’t glint at a recurrence of more than 2 Hz or under 55 Hz. This decreases the hazard that they will trigger a seizure in individuals with seizure issue.

3. It must be conceivable to round out online structures utilizing assistive innovation or utilizing only the console. In the event that a shape must be rounded out utilizing a mouse to click from field to field, any individual who doesn’t have the hand ability to work a mouse won’t have the capacity to finish the form.

4. There must be adequate separation between the data on the page and the foundation shading. That way, the data is clearer by individuals with constrained vision.

5. There ought to be a path for individuals to skirt considerable arrangements of route connections or numerous logos to get to the fundamental substance. This implies somebody with a physical handicap who can’t look down rapidly and effectively will have the capacity to explore straight to the primary piece of the page.

Remember these are only five of the numerous criteria incorporated into the 508 Compliance Services principles. The full rundown of web gauges is on the site of the United States Access Board.1 the measures likewise cover fairly with WCAG 1.0, the generally utilized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Segment 508 gauges depended on WCAG 1.0; however, the invigorated benchmarks join the WCAG 2.0 rules. With these tips, it should be easier to manage your Section 508 Compliance Conversion testing tools.

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Benefits of Using EphpSolutions 508 Compliance Remediation Services

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508 Compliance Remediation ServicesFor those who might not be aware, 508 Compliance refers to making a document compatible with screen reading software. It is more of a technical requirement and not a language or grammar correction.

Screen readers work by being able to distinguish between say a text heading and the content. Between the first paragraph and the next, between text content and say a graphic or photo and so forth. A screen reader can only accomplish this task if the content itself properly and technically distinguishes these elements.

Screen readers are typically used by people with visual or physical impairment. They especially tend to use screen reading software or applications when filling out forms, reading instructions and so forth. For private companies and corporates, it makes sense to be 508 complaint because many of their target customers might be people with visual or physical disabilities and so it makes business sense to be 508 compliant.

There are many companies with the USA that provide 508 Complaince Remediation Services. There also also EPHP 508 Complaince Remediation Services providers in out-sourcing countries such as India. 508 Compliance is essentially about adding a few technical insertions that make the document compatible with screen readers.

508 Compliance is not about improving the language or grammar it simply making the content compatible with a screen reader. For this reason, most content providers in the US tend to work with India service providers because these Indian are not only technically good at what they do, the fee they charge makes very good business sense. Also, you send them the material at close of business and they will have it ready and emailed back to you before you even walk into your office the following morning.

One such Indian service provider that stands out is EPHP Solutions. They have an entire section dedicated to providing 508 Compliance services and in fact, excel at providing ‘Over-Night 508 Compliance Services’. Having provided thousands of 508 Compliance Services, EPHP Solutions is well aware of the technical requirements under Section 508 of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Simply ask that the documents you provide be 508 Complaint and EPHP 508 Compliance Service will go to work.

In most cases, if you send them the source documents at end of business day, EPHP 508 Complaince Remediation Services will begin sending you the 508 Compliant documents the following morning itself. Nothing is more efficient. As a customer, you can choose a per article pay-as-you-go billing or in case of large requirements, opt for a lump sum or monthly billing.

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Name for Unique and Sophisticated Custom Blog Design

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Successful BlogToday is the era of online blogging. Too many people have gained extensive fame or started earning thousands of dollars through their blogs. If you are someone who has passion for blogging, EPHP Solutions is the ideal place to help you establish a successful blog and with budget prices and high customer endorsement.

EPHP Solutions is a quality name for digital marketing. With their team of experts, they offer wide services that help start tactical advance to business. They aim to build an online successful name to their clients by establishing a systematic and well planned blogs.

The expert team at EPHP Solutions design clients’ blogs according to their needs. They recognize the customers’ market, their antagonism and their corresponding target. No matter the blog’s center point, EPHP will target the right audience.

EPHP delivers a wide and successful range of services when it comes to blog making. They do not only design the blog from scratch, but also map their work upon branding the blog perfectly in order to attract the greatest amount of the right audience.

With their clients’ requests and the company’s creativity, the team at EPHP can lift their customers’ logo, attract new viewers and keep their audience coming back and consistently.

Their high design and technical standards offered by EPHP can transform a simple blog to a thriving business industry. Bloggers can make a living out of their blog and they can become successful and known business bloggers worldwide.

EPHP Solutions not only works on successful marketing and branding of blogs, but they put their professionalism in the blog’s technical features. They use powerful technical blog skills that will make blogs work systematically and without any issues or bugs. They also design the blog in an easy and organized way that help visitors examine it easily, simply and without any difficulties.

The number one ultimate priority at EPHP Solutions is establishing a successful customer service. In addition to the wide-ranging years of expertise in the field, their high rates in 508 Compliance Remediation Services customer service and approval has helped them triumph in the field. They are always there for any queries or hesitations and their team always gives the right and professional advice.

With years of experience, EPHP Solutions has become a worldwide known company that has helped tons of known business industries establish their success and popularity in the field. EPHP is the right place for starting a new successful 508 Compliance Conversion Services And blog that will gain extensive popularity and triumph, in addition to expanding to the blog to business targets.

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EphpSolutions Provides You the Easiest Way to Create Lead Generation

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Lead GenerationPassing out flyers, engaging promotional girls, and passing out free samples are just some of the ways in which we have been vying for our customers’ attention.

If you own a business, chances are that you have employed several strategies in order to retain customers as well as to create new leads. Chances are that you have spent much resources, time and effort to generate traffic or sales to your business. If you have been keeping up with current market trends you would have tried to engage a social media account to reach potential clients or even started blogging about your products whether personally or through a third party.

Today there are four questions that I would like to ask you and I want you to be honest with yourselves.

1. Do you want to generate more traffic to your business?

2. Do you want to gain more popularity than your competitors?

3. Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your clients?

4. Do you want your business to be featured on the top pages of search engines?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above or ALL of them, you may want to continue reading.

Why Lead Generation?

Each business should aim at using lead generation marketing strategies as this gives your business direct and growing results.

1. Popularity & Recognition – successful lead marketing strategies ensure that your business comes out on top.

2. Impression- you are creating a lasting impression on your customers. It is very true that first impressions usually last so you want to ensure that whatever lead generation strategies you use, it leaves your customers wanting more and talking about it.

What We Bring to the Game?

At EphpSolutions when you entrust us with the responsibility of creating lead generation for your business, you get experts who work with you in the following areas:

* SEO Services

* Web Development

* Web Design and Branding

* Logo Design

* Online Store Management

* Social Media Marketing

* Word press Blog Services

* 508 Accessibility Checker

* Section 508 Checker

… and more

Your business is not only your present but also your future. If you don’t start thinking about the future stakes involved your business may get left behind in trying to keep up with the ever- changing world. Your business should not have to suffer because you do not have the time and energy to fully dedicate to it.

That’s why EphpSolutions is here. We are here for you. Yes, nothing gives us more pleasure than to see your business flourish and reach its full potential. We, the people behind EphpSolutions provide you the easiest way to create lead generation.

Why Easy?

You may doubt how easy this is. After all, we have heard many times that nothing in life comes easy. I guarantee you how easy we make this for you. Why easy you may ask? How easy? As easy as taking up the phone and reaching out to one of our experts today.

And we, at EphpSolutions will take care of the rest.

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Ephpsolutions Professional Branding Solutions for Your Graphic Design Needs

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Ephpsolutions Professional Branding SolutionsBranding aims to establish a differentiated presence through a visual scheme, which if based on earlier positive customer interaction with your product or service, will translate into a loyal customer base.

Branding is not a marketing strategy – it’s a loyalty strategy based on customer perception attached to the brand. For example, when most folks see the Mercedes Logo they associate it with quality. Every advertisement that Mercedes Benz put out is about quality and this in turn, reinforces the brand. Now take the Ferrari band – folks associate that logo with speed and masculinity. Rolls Royce logo is associated with elegance and style, royalty.

Branding therefore precedes and strengthens any marketing effort. While marketing is a “push sales” effort, branding is a “pull customer” effort because the customer is attracted to the product subconsciously. Put a bunch of cars from different manufacturers together and ask a customer to pick up a car they feel has the best quality to offer; they will almost always pick out the Mercedes Benz – and they do this without any advertisement going on at that moment. The choice is based purely based on memory recall.

Online branding begins with a graphic design – a design that is elegant but at the same time simple enough to be easily memorised. A complex design is self-defeating. The strength of the brand design is always the simplicity of the design itself. Think about it, all the top brands out there from Mercedes to Rolls Royce, to Ferrari to Toyota, to Colgate and the latest; Google all have amazingly simple designs.

Let’s not confuse branding with advertising. Branding does not carry any message – it is merely a powerful symbol that represents the product. The most infamous symbol being the Swastika created by Hitler – again, a very simple symbol.

Once a brand is established through advertisement, the symbol becomes so powerful that nothing need be said to the customer. The mere presence of the symbol says everything but it all starts with a humble Web Development.

At EPHP Solutions, our team of brand experts take a hard look at your product line up and business ethos and creates a series of unique Web Design Solutions – all equally good. Each design is superimposed on your product and stationery so you know how it will look. You select one that you like and our team will finalise it.

Your next step would be to market your product using your new brand symbol but that a different topic – one that we will cover in another article. Your first step is to get the brand symbol ready and there’s none better than EPHP Solutions for this. Knowing and understanding what a brand is, makes them that much more efficient and sure-footed in coming up with an ideal graphic design for your brand symbol.

Effective Technique for Online Lead Generation

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EPHPSolutionsAssuming your website has been online for a while and has been generating a decent volume of business, the most effective technique to generate online leads is – Data Mining!

For the uninitiated, data mining begins with identifying general sales patterns and then “drilling to the core” by identifying individual customer purchase patterns. An increase in sales of flash-lights, batteries, emergency lanterns, tinned food during the hurricane season is a general sales pattern. These are relatively and easily identified by just looking at the overall product sales.

The real gold nuggets and Graphic Design Agency that provide business through out the year occurs deeper and at an individual customer level. These leads are generated by identifying individual patterns. For example, if the bulk of a certain customer’s purchase is Pepe Jeans then it would be fair to conclude that this customer is a Pepe jean fan and would be a good lead for new collection and designs in Pepe Jeans. Based on the customer’s gender, we could also include appropriate accessories that go well with the jeans attire. Now imagine this against all your customers and you could have a huge list of potential leads for all your products. Further, these would be 100% real leads garnered from your own website and not some list you purchase from some dubious source.

If a real human were to analyse the buying pattern, the Stores Management at the individual customer level are very easy to identify for each and every customer. However, this is neither practical nor feasible. What you therefore need is a software with a large degree of artificial intelligence capable of identifying buying patterns and trends and generating leads from that.

The backend system also needs to be able to identify and club products according to a custom criteria. This is how you can bundle products (in our example above, Pepe Jeans bundled with appropriate gender sensitive accessories).

Now, given that website do not have standardised backend engines, off-the-shelf lead generation software will usually fail to impress. What you need is a custom software that not only access your database but is tweaked to your line of business. After all purchase trends in a consumer market are different from trends in a B2B environment.

While there are lots of service providers out there who can deliver the goods for a handsome fee, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to check out a little known India based service provider by the name of EPHP Solutions. These are the guys the larger service providers sub-contract their work to. You can cut the middlemen out and directly work with EPHP Solutions. Check them out here:

7 Top Maintenance and Support Services By EPHPSolutions

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EPHPSolutionsMaintenance and Support is not something that necessarily happens only when the website is broken. In the online World, anything that can be improved, tweaked or perfected requires maintenance and support.

Website Design – You would be surprised how much more in terms of design and brand strengthening can be done on an existing website. There’s a whole new science out there on audience / customer behaviour and reaction. As more research data pours in, this is a science that keeps evolving with the end game being enhanced reach and better delivery of your service or product message.

Branding – it more than just a name or an image! EPHP Solutions team ensures that your brand not only carries the name, it carries with it a message of standardisation and of quality. When browsing through the website, even the average internet surfer will realise there is attention to detail. There is a clear method to presentation, the quality of images are very good and there is an adequate number of images to convey a clear picture of the product. The text content is just right – not too verbose but not inadequate either.

Backend – In the race to present a beautiful design, a lot of websites out there are simply under-nourished in terms of backend support. Can your website provide you information on customer trendw? Or how about the customer – are they being forced to re-enter their information each time they visit your website? Could your website do with some artificial intelligence, some AI?

SEO Service – A good many customers jump to this directly. “SEO” is short of search engine optimization. Actually it has nothing to do with optimizing the search engine; rather, it optimizes your website for the search engine so that search engines not only find your website quickly, they give it a higher weightage and consequently, a higher rank in the search engine results. SEO Service is something you take along with the other services and not just on it’s own because a higher search engine rank without attention to website details will not translate to sales or message delivery.

Online Store Handling – If you have an online storefront at Ebay or Amazon or any of the other direct sale websites, you have to know that as far as the customer is concerned, the rules are the same. They expect details, good pictures and clear, transparent information. Their expectation is no different from if they were visiting your own website. They will not wait days for you to respond to their query. Let EPHP Solutions run your store for you. At the end of one year you will be amazed at how much more your sales have increased.

Social Media Marketing – It is a wonderful platform to directly connect with your customer. Receive their feedback on your product or Graphic Design Company. It is also a wonderful platform to directly deliver a message – the start of your annual discount sales for example, or launch of a new product or service. But the social media platform has its own rules and you have to play by them. Let the experts at EPHP Solutions handle it for you.

Blogging – Blogging is a super wonderful way to promote your service or product. In fact, it is the best way to promote new tools and equipment. You (or the creative writers at EPHP Solutions) can blog on how to use the tool and how easy it is to get the job done with the new tool. Naturally, the blog will contain links to your website and the product or Stores Management Service.

The Concept Behind Search Engine Marketing

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Online MarketingThe search engine especially Google has become the God of all things. Whether you are seeking information or a product or a service you type whatever you need to know or seek into browser url and boom – a million hits instantly. You usually find whatever you need on the first page of the results; you rarely having to go beyond the first page.

Now what if you have a website or websites and wish that your website should figure on the first page of the results whenever a prospective customer searches for products or services marketed by you? To achieve this, you need search engine marketing which is basically an extension of search engine optimization.

A search engine optimisation is like have a car tune-up. A search engine marketing campaign is like having a tune-up and a paint and polish job. Now your car looks like new and is noticed by everyone. In a search engine marketing campaign, the online marketing company (e.g. ), first tinker under the hood of your website – they look at keywords used, images used, content, navigation, linking and a myraid of other small and big things. Basically, they align the content and the code to make it human and search engine friendly. Considering that humans and machines are not exactly the same, the task is anything but easy.

To make a long procedure short, the Web Design And Branding wizards look at each and every product or service you offer and each is separately promoted and marketed in manner so that when prospective customers search for the product or service your website or websites will be on page one of the search engine results.

Sometimes the competition is so tough (e.g. real estate, consumer durables, consumer electronics), that over and above everything they do at your website, search engine advertisement may also be required. Whenever you search for something online notice that the first few results are usually advertisements. Again, whether the prospective customer clicks on an advert or not will depend on how it has been structured and worded. The customers do not wish to have their time wasted; they want to be sure before they click that the site will contain the product or service or information they seek. Achieving that is the work of your search engine marketing gurus.

After your car tune-up and paint job, the results are quite obvious – a smooth ride and great looks. After a search engine marketing campaign the results too are obvious and they are visible in the form of increased sales or visitors to your website.

So you are offering any product or service and your website is currently not delivering the results you expected it to, call in the PHP Web Development Services gurus – there’s no better time than now!

Improve Website Traffic With Organic Search Engine Optimization

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Organic Search Engine OptimizationHave you had a website that went “live” but did not receive a single visitor except for yourself and wondered why?

You spend months thinking how you can bring your goods or services to the consumer via your website. You spend lots of time designing it and finally, perk up the courage to visit or hire a website designer or if you are brave enough to learn new tricks, you might even design it yourself. A month or so down the line the website is ready, hosted and launched. You wait for the avalanche of customers or visitors with bated breath. A day passes then two, a week passes by and not a single visitor arrives at your website. You start to think.

You inform your friends about your new website. Sure enough you get a bunch of visitors and then again silence. You realise the visitors were your friends but the general public who you had hoped would visit in droves where a no-show. You post about your new website on Facebook and Tweet about it too. A handful more visitors arrive and then the silence returns. Now you really start to think. What went wrong you wonder? What have you forgotten you?

You open Google or Yahoo or Bing and search for your product or service using a generic search string and are horrified to see that your website name does not figure anywhere; certainly not on the first page and in fact, it does not seem to figure anywhere. You begin to wonder – shouldn’t your website name have been part of the results? Why does it not show up?

Okay, there some things that are DIY and there are some things best left to experts because there’s more to it than meets the eye. Just like a car, designing a website is not just about how it looks it’s also about how it is put together and the stuff under the hood.

When it comes to the search engine, the stuff under the hood of your website counts for everything. For example, if your website was selling say automotive spares the search engine would visit your website and try and figure out what you are dealing in. If it finds hundreds of words like “automotive”, “automobile”, “spares”, “spare”, “part number”, “Mercedes”, “S class” and so forth, it will automatically deduce your site has something to do with auto spares and then depending on how many spares and types you are selling, will assign a weightage value to your website which will then decide its position in the search engine results when someone searches for say “Mercedes S series auto spares”.

Of course, this is a simplistic way of putting it. The search engines send what is technically called a “bot” to your website. This “bot” attempts to go through each and every page, each and every image trying to make sense of it all. How much sense it makes depends on how the website was put together and the one group of people who really know how to put it together so it makes perfect sense to the bot, are the Affordable Link Building Service – experts like

So if you want to setup a website – one that is required to deliver results, approach the experts. They will not only deliver a beautiful product but will also ensure your website can be easily found via the search engines.

Check out for more about Best SEO Agencies!

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